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How to Troubleshoot a Brother HL 5250DN


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The Brother HL 5250DN is a monochrome laser printer with networking abilities. It is promoted towards minor businesses that have more than one pc on only one network. Functions consist of double-sided printing, 1200-by-1200 dpi quality and 32 MB of conventional storage. You can take care of typical problems with the Brother HL 5250DN by executing some primary troubleshooting.

  • Update the driver and software through the Brother web page. Application problems and obsolete drivers are a typical cause of printer problems. The downloading is free and will only take a couple of moments to install.
  • Check all connections from the printer to your pc. The AC cable needs to be linked in and the interface wire needs to be connected to a start slot and functioning.
  • Print a analyze site to see if the printer is generating quality records. To do this, keep down the “Go” key on the printer after you media the ability key. Launch the “Go” key once all of the LED lights switch off. Choose “Go” again to print the analyze web page.
  • Review the position observes of your Brother HL 5250DN printer to see if a mistake concept is shown. Prospective information consists of “No Papers,” “Low Skin toner,” “Paper Jam” and “Cover Open.”
  • Look in the paper outcome tray for any mistake concept printouts. The Brother HL 5250DN has to be able to print out a mistake message if the storage is complete or the quality for the document is too high.
  • Remove the paper tray to make sure it is not overfilled. Check the carriage for any paper jams.

If you are facing any kind of issues call us on our toll-free number 1-800-293-9401.

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