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How to Troubleshoot a Brother DCP Printer


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Brother DCPs (Digital Copier Printers) are printers, copiers and scanners rolled into one device. They are distinct from all-in-one, multifunction machines because they don’t have fax built in. Print technology can be either laser or inkjet. DCPs can provide stand-alone copying, because no PC is required. They can print in color or black and white. Problems with the machines are most often paper-related, including feeding and paper jams.

  • Plug the Brother DCP into the household power outlet if the printer won’t print. Your computer doesn’t need to be connected. Load a new stack of paper into the paper tray if the display panel shows the message “No Paper Fed.” Make sure the paper is straight in the tray and that you’re using good stock—it can’t be curled up. Try removing the paper that’s there, fanning it and reversing it.
  • Check the display panel for any error messages. Brother DCP printer error messages are self-explanatory and will usually tell you exactly what error is being reported in clear English, for example, “Cooling Down Wait a While.”
  • Remove jammed paper. Documents jammed in the top of the Brother DCP can be pulled out to the left after opening the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) cover. Documents jammed under the document cover can be pulled out to the right after opening the document cover.
  • Pull the paper tray completely out of the DCP to remove paper jams inside the DCP. Pull the jammed paper up and out of the paper tray opening.
  • Open the front cover and pull the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly out if paper’s jammed inside the drum. The toner cartridge comes out of the drum unit by holding down the lock lever on the left. Remove any jammed paper from inside the drum unit.


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