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How to Transfer Quicken Data into QuickBooks


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Quicken and QuickBooks are both accounting applications developed by Intuit. While they have of the same abilities, Quicken is restricted in what it can do in evaluation to QuickBooks. If you need to make and monitor many different overall costs of your business, such as invoices, fiscal reports and purchase purchases, QuickBooks can perform the job, where Quicken is not. If you need to update from Quicken to QuickBooks, you do not have to re-enter your economical information. You can trade the information from Quicken into QuickBooks.

  • Make a back-up duplicate of your Quicken information. Go to “File,” “File Operations” and “Copy,” and then get into a name for the data file. Just click “OK” and pick the “New Copy” choice in the box that comes up. Keep this duplicate secure somewhere and don’t use it during the publishing procedure. While the Quicken information should end up fresh during a transfer into QuickBooks, it’s a wise decision to have a protection duplicate.
  • Go through the information in the Quicken data file and double-check the titles detailed in the records. Ensure that each client’s name shows up exactly the same way in each Quicken access so that they will connect effectively once brought in into QuickBooks.
  • Open QuickBooks by going to the “Start” selection of your computer deciding on “All Programs.” Simply choose “QuickBooks” directory and then this method name. QuickBooks will start.
  • Pull down the QuickBooks “File” selection, choose “Import” and then choose “Convert from Quicken” choice. The “Convert a Quicken File” screen will release.
  • Locate the Quicken computer data file that you designed, and then click “Open” to publish the data file into QuickBooks. The displays that come up instantly take you step-by-step through the rest of alteration.

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