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How to Set Up Roadrunner Email


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With your Roadrunner Internet service, you are given a main email account and five additional accounts. The primary account address is established when you order the service. For the other five accounts, you can set them up as sub accounts using the Roadrunner Self Care system. You will need your login details from the primary account to set up the other accounts. After logging into the system, it is easy to establish the other Roadrunner email accounts.



  • Log into the Road Runner Subscriber Self-Help system. You will need your primary email address and password to log in.
  • Click on the “User Management” link at the top of the page. Click on “Create New Sub User” from this window.
  • Enter in the information for the new sub user. Enter in the desired email address in the “New Sub User ID:” field. Enter in the first name, last name, the password and the password again to confirm. Click the “Create New Sub User” button. You will be taken back to the “User Management” screen with the new sub user listed under “Sub Users.”
  • Click on “Enable User” from the “User Management” window, next to the new sub user. Click on the “Enabled” radio dial and click “Update.” The new email address has been added to the account and is now accessible.


If you are facing any kind of issues call us on our toll-free number 1-800-293-9401.

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