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How to Set up Accounts in QuickBooks


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QuickBooks is accounting software created by the Intuit Company. It allows users to setup edit and maintain company accounting. Adding a new account to QuickBooks is simple and only takes a few minutes. QuickBooks is a very user-friendly program that is able to network many users to access the program at one time.

  • Open the QuickBooks program from the “Start” menu or desktop icon. Choose to open an existing company or create a new company. When creating a new company, follow the step-by-step introduction that QuickBooks offers.
  • Create a bank account. Choose the “Banking” option on the toolbar. Click “Add New.” Choose the type of account. The default is set to “Bank.” Choose “Credit Card” or others depending on your type of account. In the “Name” box input the label you want to remember the account by. Fill in the description, bank account number, opening balance and the date you are setting it up. Create a reminder to order checks by typing the number in the box of the check you want to use.
  • Setup a customer account. Click on the “Customer” tab and choose “New.” Fill in the information in the window that pops up. You are given a window with tabs such as “Address,” “Additional,” “Payment” and “Job Info.” Enter all of the pertinent information into the tabs. Click “Save.”
  • Add vendor accounts. Click the “Vendor” option. Select “Add New.” A window pops up and asks you for the vendor’s company information. Input the information and choose “OK.”
  • Someone set up as a vendor cannot be a customer unless they are also set up as a customer.

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