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How to Send a Personal Facebook Message


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When you first start using Facebook, understanding which message, comment or status up-dates are being openly published and which are personal can be rather puzzling, and this misunderstandings has created uncomfortable circumstances for customers. If you want to deliver a personal message to a Facebook buddy, there’s no need to share anything at all. Instead, deliver written text, images and information straight to chosen buddies using Facebook’s personal messaging and talk features; no one else can view your message.

Sending Private Messages

  • Click “Messages” from the left pane of your Facebook homepage and select “New Message” to start a New Message pane. When you begin writing a Facebook buddy’s name, a list of recommendations instantly appears; simply clicking a recommendation details the content to only that chosen person, but you can additionally add additional individuals. Media “Tab” to move to the base structure field to create your message. Just click “Add Files” or “Add Photos” to include accessories. Just click “Send” to deliver the content. You can also remove information in the Messages screen through the Activities menu; doing so eliminates your duplicate and does not remove the recipient’s duplicate.

Using the Chat Window

  • Clicking the base “Chat” bar reveals the Chat screen, so you can deliver information to online buddies, who are noticeable with green spots by their titles. Off-line Facebook buddies have no symbols by their titles, but you can still deliver them personal information, which they’ll receive when they next log on. If your buddy isn’t detailed, go into the Facebook buddy’s name in the search bar. Just click a buddy’s name to start a structure discussion box, create your message and then press “Enter” to connect only with the chosen buddy. This option also facilitates picture accessories and emoticons to express your emotions.

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