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How to Run a Repair on Outlook


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Fixing your email browser becomes a priority when Microsoft Outlook is not properly working. Microsoft has built in a repair tool that can scan the program and repair any issues that may have risen. The repair tool can fix and restore corrupted pst files in Outlook. You can fix your Outlook program and run a repair in only a moment or two. Use the repair tool any time your program is not correctly working.



  • Close the Outlook program.
  • Click the “Start” button and enter “scanpst.exe” into the “Find” or “Search” field. This search will find the repair tool within the Microsoft Outlook program files.
  • Open the file by double-clicking it. This will open the repair tool.
  • Click “Browse” and navigate to the pst files you wish to repair. Highlight the files and click “Start”.
  • Allow the repair tool to work and then close the tool when the repair finishes.
  • Run Outlook and locate the recovered folders in the left pane of Outlook (click “View” and “Folder List”. You should see a new folder called “Lost and Found”.
  • Make a new pst file for the recovered items. Click “File” and “Data File Management”. Select “Add” and “New Outlook Data File”. Find the “Types of Storage” section and click “Office Outlook Personal Folders File” and press “OK”. Designate the location and enter a file name for the new pst file and press “OK”.
  • Move the items from Lost and Found to the new pst file. You can delete the Lost and Found folder after moving the items to the new file.


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