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How to Reset the Ink Level in a Brother


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Brother ink cartridges are fairly expensive, so it makes sense to refill them instead of spending the money to buy replacements. When you refill these cartridges your Brother Printer “views” the cartridge as empty, even when it is full due to the chip installed on the side of the cartridge. A few simple steps are all it takes to reset the chip and set it back to its full setting. You will need a special device designed just for this task.

Brother Printer

Brother Printer

  • Find the small metal contact tabs on the side of the Brother Ink cartridge. These are located in the chip and they make contact with the circuit inside the printer carrier when you insert the cartridge into the printer. So, they will be on the side of the cartridge facing the printer when you install the cartridges.
  • Find the small pins on the side of your universal chip resetting device. These pins are metal contacts and there are several of them, because it is designed to work with a variety of cartridges.
  • Press the pins on the re-setter to the metal contacts on the cartridge and then hold the two together for a few seconds. A red light should start to blink on the resetting device. This indicates a connection has been made between them.
  • Hold the cartridge and the chip resetting device together until you see the green light blink on and off several times. This light is your indication that the chip is now reset. Remove the cartridge from the resetter and reinstall it in the printer for use.


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