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How to Reset My Facebook Password If I Can’t Answer the Security Questions


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When you initially set up your Facebook account you have to choose some security queries. If you lose access to your account, you can answer the security queries and regain access to your account without having to reset your password. It may possibly have been years considering that you set up the security queries, but if you’ve forgotten the answers you can still access your account by resetting your password.

  • Click “Forgot Your Password” below the login on the Facebook home page.
  • Type your email, phone number or username into the screen.
  • Click “Search” and then type the security code, or CAPTCHA, into the box.
  • Click “Submit.”
  • Click “Reset Password.” An email will be sent to the indicated address with a security code.
  • Log into your email account, click the link and then enter a new password.


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