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How to Reset an Epson Smart Chip


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Refilling ink cartridges can be a great way to cut costs as well as protect the environment. Some Epson cartridge models integrate a special “smart” chip that detects when the cartridge is empty. These “smart” chip models require a special tool to reset the chip, otherwise the cartridge will not recognize that it has been refilled and the printer will not use it. Smart chip resetters can be purchased online for less than $10, which still keeps the refill of each cartridge under $2 on average, as compared to $30 or more for new cartridges.

  • Wipe down the Epson inkjet cartridge that you wish to reset using your paper towel. Pay particular attention to the copper nodes on the back end as this is where you will attach the chip resetter.
  • Clip the chip resetter to the back of your cartridge. Make sure the end of the resetter with the button is on top.
  • Press and hold the button on top of the chip resetter for five to 10 seconds. This will restore the OEM default settings back to your cartridge. The small LED light on some models of chip resetter will also indicate when the chip has been reset. The printer will now recognize it as full until the cartridge runs out again.
  • Press the release clip on the bottom of the chip resetter to remove it from the cartridge. The resetter runs on a battery but should be good for several hundred resets over the course of a year before having to replace the battery.
  • The “smart” chip actually sends an alert to the printer at 40 percent and 5 percent. When it sends the 5 percent alerts, the printer will stop using that cartridge. You may use the chip resetter on the old cartridge without refilling it to use the last 5 percent of ink. This is often helpful if you do not have the equipment to replace or refill the ink cartridge on the spot and need to print an important document.

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