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How to Replace the Ink Cartridge in a Lexmark 2300


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The Lexmark 2300 series all-in-one printer has the ability to fax print, copy and scan both documents and photos. This convenient home or home-office printer is not difficult to maintain. Replacing the ink cartridge is a simple process that can be made even easier if you follow these steps.

  • Turn on the printer. Lift the scanner unit and snap the support bar into position to hold it up.
  • Press down on the cartridge lever. The cartridge lid will rise. Remove the old cartridge.
  • Remove the sticker and the clear tape that cover the contacts on the back and bottom of the new cartridge. Avoid touching the contacts with your fingers.
  • Insert the cartridge into the cartridge carrier and close the lid.
  • Close the scanner unit. From your desktop, open the “Lexmark Solution Center” to align the new cartridge and print a test page.


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