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How to Replace Epson Print Heads


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If you have a printer, you know that sooner or later it will wear down and malfunction due to constant usage. Epson printers are one of the most popular printer brands due to its high-quality products. However, with constant usage even the high-quality printers will break down. The good thing about Epson printers are that instead of purchasing a new one, if the printer head will not work anymore, you can just replace it.

  • Open the cover of your Epson printer so that you will see the ink cartridges. Unplug the printer so that it will not move automatically as it normally does when the printer heads are being tweaked.
  • Locate the clip that is locking the printer heads in place. Some Epson printers have buttons instead of a clip. Unlock it, and pull the printer heads out one by one. Set them aside.
  • Shake the new print heads so that the ink inside will be mixed.
  • Place the new print heads one by one according to the color. There will be a color guide located on the printer head carrier. Do not remove any sticker that is in the printer head so that Epson will be able to distinguish it in case you need to replace it.
  • Push each printer head slowly until you hear a click. The clicking sound means that it is already secured.
  • Close the cover of the printer, and wipe your fingers using the wet rag to remove the ink stains.
  • Plug in the printer and turn it on. Normally the cartridge will move to adjust itself, but if it did not, push the refresh button so that it will adjust. The refresh button is located next to the power button. It usually has the water drop drawing on the side. The power button will also blink to indicate that the printer is still loading and adjusting. Wait for the blinking of the power button to stop before using it.
  • You can wear rubber gloves if you don’t want your hands to be stained with ink.
  • Don’t throw away the proof of purchase receipt of the new Epson printer heads so that you will be able to change it in case the one you bought will not work.

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