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How to Remove a Windows Live Account


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A Windows Live Account allows accessibility a wide range of MSN programs, such as Windows Live Courier and Console Stay. It is an ID which many programs discuss for log-on reasons. When you terminate your Windows Live account, you completely remove your authorized details and will not be able to use any of the MSN programs. Using some simple actions, it is easy to terminate your Windows Live Account.

  • Log into your Windows Live account at using your sign-on name and security password. Go to the “Account Summary” web page.
  • Click “Close Account” under “Additional Choices.” Keep in mind that ending your money completely removes authorized details, qualifications and Windows Live contacts
  • Confirm your Windows Live ID and kind passwords. Just click “Yes” to ensure and remove your Windows Live ID.
  • If you have a premium Windows Hotmail email account, terminate your registration from your e-mail account before continuing to terminate the Windows Live ID account.

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