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How to Remove Messages in Windows Mail


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Microsoft windows E-mail, the successor to Outlook Express, are a message management system that comes with Microsoft windows Vista. Microsoft windows E-mail features spam protection, automatic email checking and newsgroup support. Microsoft windows E-mail is compatible with all IMAP, POP3 and Microsoft windows Stay email choices. According to Microsoft’s website, Microsoft windows E-mail are not included with Microsoft windows seven. Microsoft windows E-mail users are encouraged to transfer their Microsoft windows E-mail records to Microsoft windows Stay Mail–a free email customer from the Microsoft windows Stay Essentials system suite. You can remove information in the Microsoft windows E-mail customer by following a few simple steps.

  • Open Microsoft windows E-mail and log in to the e-mail consideration you wish to remove information from. Double-click on the directory containing the information to start up it and view a list of all the information.
  • Check the box beside each message you wish to remove. Simply choose the “Delete” key on the Microsoft windows E-mail toolbar or press the “Delete” key on your keyboard to remove these information.
  • Click on the “Deleted Items” directory, connect to the “Edit” selection and choose “Empty Removed Items” to completely remove all staying POP3 information from your email consideration. Accessibility the “Edit” selection and selecting “Purge Removed Messages” to completely remove all staying IMAP emails.
  • You can configure Microsoft windows E-mail to automatically remove cleared IMAP information from the Microsoft windows E-mail “Advanced Options” selection. Accessibility the “Tools” selection, choose “Options” and then choose “Advanced” tab. Select “Maintenance,” check the box next to the “Purge deleted products when leaving IMAP folders” label and then choose the “Apply” key to save these changes.
  • Messages that have been deleted or cleared from the “Deleted Items” directory are deleted completely from your computer and your email account; this action cannot be undone.

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