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How to Remove a Failed Printer Installation


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When installing a printer, the program places a new hardware driver on the system. Drivers provide necessary information about how the printer works and differ from other software packages in utility and storage. A failed printer installation may cause the printer to work incorrectly or prevent the installation of other working drivers.




  • Open the Control Panel and select the “Administrative Tools” icon. Select “Print Management.” Alternately, enter “Print Management” into the Start menu search box and press “Enter.” Only administrative accounts or users with an administrative password can access this menu.
  • Click on “Print Servers” in the list of options in the left frame, and then click “Drivers.” Right-click the printer whose installation failed.
  • Click on either “Delete” or “Remove Driver Package.” Either option will remove the installation. “Delete” leaves the installation package on the hard drive, allowing you to retry installation without any new media. “Remove Driver Package” completely removes the driver, and the system requires new installation files, such as those on a printer install disc, before re-attempting an install.

Mac OS X

  • Open a Finder window and select the “Library” folder on the hard drive’s root directory. Open the “Printers” sub-folder.
  • Open the folder corresponding to your Printer’s manufacturer. This folder will contain a sub-folder representing a specific printer driver. Nomenclature may vary slightly between manufacturers and models.
  • Drag the failed driver’s folder to the Trash icon in the bottom Dock. This will completely remove the printer’s installation from the hard drive.



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