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How to Remove a Customer from QuickBooks


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QuickBooks is small-business accounting software that creates profiles for every customer you do business with. Transactions with a customer must be individually deleted before deleting the customer account. Deleting a customer is not recommended because it deletes financial history. Hiding customers from view in QuickBooks is ideal for a business with a long list of inactive customers. Hiding customers keeps your list manageable and keeps your financial records intact.

Delete a Customer

  • Select the customer you want to delete in “Customer Center” menu, and set the “Show” box to “All Transactions.”
  • Double-click a transaction in the customer file. Click “Edit,” and then select “Delete Invoice.” Click “OK.” Every transaction in the customer’s account must be deleted in this way.
  • Go to the “Customers and Jobs” tab, and highlight the customer you want to delete by clicking “Edit” then “Delete Customer.” Click “Yes” to confirm deletion.

Hide a Customer from View

  • Right-click the customer in the “Customer Center” menu.
  • Click “Make Customer: Inactive” to hide the customer and transactions from the list.
  • Click the “View” list and choose “All Customers” to view hidden customers. Show the inactive customer by clicking the “X” beside the customer’s name.

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