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How to Remove a Business From Google Maps


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Google Maps lets you view street maps in your web browser. It is possible for anyone with an Internet connection to view basic or custom maps that include business locations, driving directions and contact information. Since the business world is constantly changing, there are times when the information you will see is incorrect. Businesses move and businesses close and sometimes the listing was wrong from the start. If you know of a business that needs to be removed from Google Maps, there are some simple steps you can follow to make it happen.

  • Log on to Google Maps and search for the name of the business you wish to remove. You will end up on a street map with the name of the business highlighted.
  • Right click on the map and select “Report a Problem” or click the “Report a Problem” link near the bottom-right of the map you are viewing. You can also find “Report a Problem” links below the driving directions and below the search results on Google Maps.
  • Enter information on the nature of the problem and why you feel the business should be removed. Let Google know if the business has moved or closed or if the information is simply incorrect.
  • Click “submit” and send your information to Google. Include your email address if you would like to receive progress updates.

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