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How to Reinstall Norton Internet Security


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Norton Internet Security is an Internet security program that protects your computer from intruding networks, virus-infected emails, spyware and hackers. Norton Internet Security also protects from anti-spamming and blocks unauthorized programs from accessing the Internet.
If your program has been freezing, not updating or crashing lately, chances are it may be corrupt and needs to be reinstalled. Uninstalling and reinstalling your program ensures that setup and performance problems are fixed to keep your computer performing optimally.

Uninstalling Norton Internet Security

  • Click “Start” then click the “Control Panel.”
  • Double-click the “Add or Remove Programs” button on the control panel window. Scroll down the newly opened programs window, and then highlight “Norton Internet Security.” Click “Remove.”
  • Click “Next” on the uninstall window to confirm your desire to uninstall your program. After the uninstallation is complete, restart your computer to completely remove Norton Internet Security.

Re-installing Norton Internet Security

  • Place your Norton CD in the CD-ROM drive of your computer, when the install window opens up, and then click “Install Product Name” under the Internet Security Title.
  • Click “Next” to continue installing your program. Restart your computer when prompted to.
  • Go to the Norton Symantec Store Order Status page if you purchased a download online. Type in your order number and password to log in.
  • Click “Start Download” on the order summary page to download your program. Follow the setup instructions to install your program.


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