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How to Recover a Yahoo Email Password


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Yahoo offers free email service and additional services for a small fee. Forgetting a password can occur when you have not logged into the account for some time. In case you go to several password-related websites, you might use different codes for each. You can recover a yahoo email password by giving an answer to a few questions. This is important to include exact and complete facts with essential websites. Always keep in mind the data you use when signing up for any password-related site.

Yahoo email

Yahoo email

  • Go to the Yahoo log-in web page. Click the “I Won’t is able to Access My Account” link. Find the “I Forgot Password” circle. Press the “Next” button.
  • Insert the “User ID” in the box. Your security code that displays on the page. Capital letters are unimportant. Press the “Next” button.
  • Use the secondary email account or phone number, and a new password will be delivered. If you did not use these alternative methods, answer the security questions. Select the “Next” button after both questions.
  • Enter a new password. When you successfully answered the questions from Step 3, you can reset your password.

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