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How to Recover My Email for Outlook


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Sometimes, email messages in Outlook or Outlook express disappear. This happens if you have been attacked by a virus or a spam artist. Or, it might happen through human error or electronic glitch. If your email messages have disappeared, there are a few ways that you can get them back again.

  • Look in the trash bin in your Outlook program. This is the first stop for any messages that were deleted, and there is a chance that your messages are still there. If you find any that are among your lost messages, click on them and choose “Send to Inbox” to restore them.
  • Check your recycle bin on your computer. If your email messages have become lost, there is a chance that your computer saved a copy to the recycle bin. Go through the bin and restore any messages that you find.
  • Click on the start menu of your computer and then click “Find Files or Folders” or “Search” and then “Files and Folders.” Type information into the search box that relates to your lost emails. If Outlook saved a copy of the lost messages onto your computer, this search function will find it.
  • Speak to your Internet Service Provider. There is a possibility that some of your email messages have hard copies that exist on the server, and the ISP can find them with due cause.
  • Download an Outlook Email Recovery program. There are several listed. Run the program on your computer to find any messages that might still be located on your hard drive.

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