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How to Recover an Email Address


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When you lose an email address, it could be frustrating, particularly if the address was the only way could to get in touch with someone. Luckily, there are several ways you can recover lost email addresses. Depending how you lost them, there are always ways to help yourself see them again.



Step –

  • Open your email program and look in the trash bin. It could be that you threw away the e-mail address and you could recover it from there. Otherwise, check your folders for email from anyone you’ve lost, and look at your sent folder to see if you ever wrote the person so you can get the address.
  • Open the Recycling Bin on your computer and see if the current email address is there.
  • Open your Start Menu and choose “Find Files and Folders.” Type in the information contained in the email address, the word “Email” or the person’s name. Click “Search” to find your computer for the email address.
  • Use a recovery application–several can be obtained online–to recover the email tackle you have lost on your computer.
  • Ask friends for the email address of your contact, if you fail to find it on your computer through other means.


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