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How to Reconnect an HP Scanner


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HP offers top of the line scanners for both home and office use. Whether it is a document scanner or a photo scanner, the quality and durability of HP products are hard to beat. The installation of an HP scanner is a breeze. Occasionally, however, the scanner can become disconnected. Whether we had to move the scanner or computer, or it became disconnected because of an unexpected force, reconnecting an HP scanner to your computer is very simple. Just follow a few simple steps that you followed during installation, and you will be able to use the scanner again.

  • Make sure that the HP scanner is in the “Off” position.
  • Secure the power cord to the HP scanner, and then to a working power outlet. If the scanner is connected to a surge protector, be sure that the surge protector switch is “On.”
  • Connect the USB cable that came with the scanner to the cable port on the HP scanner. Make sure that the connection is tight.
  • Connect the other end of the HP USB scanner cord to a USB port on the computer. Secure the connection.
  • Look on the lid of the HP scanner and see if there is a TMA cable that comes out from the lid. Most HP scanners have this cable and it needs to be connected properly for the scanner to work. If there is a TMA cable, connect it to the TMA cable port on the back of the scanner.
  • Turn the power on and you are ready to begin scanning.

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