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Problems with D-Link Wireless Router


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What types of problems may arise with D-Link wireless router?

D-Link wireless router is a device in a wireless local area network (WLAN) which determines the next network point to which a packet need to be forwarded toward its destination. A wireless router works in the same way and allows greater mobility for notebook or portable computers. The individual computers are equipped with small wireless transceivers which could be plugged into either a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port or a PC card slot. For home and business systems users who need high-speed Internet connections, a wireless router would be more beneficial. Wireless router could also act as a hardware firewall. Issues might occur with the D-Link wireless router. Some of the issues that occur with D-Link wireless router are “Router not detected”, “loss of signals” and 802.1x authentication errors.

The following are the ways to fix various problems that might occur with D-Link wireless router:

802.1x Authentication

Router not detected

Loss of signals

802.1x Authentication

Sometimes issues might happen with the router while working with Windows XP Service Pack 1. This occurs only if you are using Windows utilities instead of D Link utilities. To disable 802.1x authentication first go to Start, Connect To, Show all connections and select wireless network. Now select Properties from General and navigate to get Wireless Networks, Preferred Networks. Now select your home network’s properties and get in to authentication to deselect Enable 802.1x authentication for the network.

Router not detected

This is one of the common problems while setting up router. There are many causes for this issue. The router not detected or ‘no active network’ might be found in the computer will be displayed if the router is not properly connected. You need to install the router drivers in the computer. The drivers need to be installed appropriately. You might download drivers from D-Link website. Make sure that the router is turned ON.

Loss of signals

Loss of signal might occur with the router. As a result, the network might not work properly. Make sure that the signals are transmitted fully to the other computers in the network. Place the router and adjust the settings such that other wireless devices are able to access the signals. You might need to place the wireless router in an open place. Don’t conceal the router in any casings.


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