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How to Network QuickBooks Pro


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Setting up QuickBooks Pro in a network environment is different from installing the software on a stand-alone computer workstation. Network installation requires dividing software components between the computer you designate as the data file server and all remaining computer workstations, versus installing and running all software components from a single computer. To network QuickBooks Pro you first configure the network, then install the database manager on the data file server, and finally, install QuickBooks Pro software on individual computer workstations.

Create and Share Data File Folder

  • Designate a computer within the network to function as the data file server.
  • Choose a location for the main company data file folder. Choose a location for the folder that is separate from the location where installation files will install. A good choice for a location and name is C:\QBCompanyDataFiles.
  • Create the data file folder. Navigate to the location you chose, and then right click in any open area, select “New” and “Folder.”

Share the Folder and Set Folder Permissions for Windows XP

  • Share the data file folder. Right click on the folder you created and select “Share” to open the File Sharing Properties window. Select the “Share this folder” button, then select the folder name from the drop down list and set the number of users to coordinate with the number of workstations you are using.
  • Set folder permissions. Click the “Permissions” button to open the permissions dialog box.
  • Select “Everyone” to include the entire network and then select “Full Control” to allow everyone full access to QuickBooks Pro files.
  • Click “OK” to set permissions.

Share the Folder and Set Folder Permissions for Windows Vista

  • Share the data file folder. Right click on the folder you created and select “Share” to open the File Sharing window. In Windows Vista, opening the File Sharing window automatically sets the data file folder to “share.”
  • Select “Everyone” from the Name drop down list and select “Co-Owner” from the Permission drop down list.
  • Click the “Share” button to set permissions.

Map the Network Drive on Work Stations

  • Assign a drive letter to the data file server. From the computer designated as the data file server, right click on “My Computer” or “Computer,” depending on the version of Windows you use, and select “Map Network Drive” to open the Map Network Drive window. Click the drop down box in the “Drive” section and choose any open letter, such as Z: or Q:. Click the “Browse” button to navigate to the location of the data file folder you created.
  • From the Windows Start menu, click and open the Network folder on each computer workstation to view the listing of computers within the network. Double click the icon for the data file server listing to see the shared Company Data folder.
  • Right click the Company Data folder and select “Map Network Drive.” From the Drive drop down list, select the drive letter you assigned to the data file server. Place a check mark next to “Reconnect at Login” so QuickBooks Pro knows where to direct users when they log on to use the software. Click “Finish” to save the location.

Install QuickBooks Pro Software on the Data File Server and Computer Workstations

  • Insert the installation CD to start the Installation Wizard.
  • Select “More than one user” as the installation type, accept the default file location QuickBooks Pro suggests, and select “Full Installation” to install all QuickBooks Pro components. Click “Install” to begin installation.
  • Complete installation in the same way as for the data file server, except select “Single User” as the installation type. Complete all remaining installations steps according to the installation and then click “Install” to begin installation.
  • If your network runs three or more computers, call QuickBooks at (866) 379-6635 and speak with a sales representative to receive a discount on the purchase of additional user licenses.
  • QuickBooks recommends upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise edition if your network contains five or more computers.
  • Each computer workstation must have a separate user license to run QuickBooks Pro.
  • During setup, QuickBooks Pro will ask if you want to install Google Desktop as a search engine. Because Google Desktop requires a large amount of memory, it can cause a considerable slow down in computer response time. Do not install it unless you have an extremely fast processor and memory well above requirements for your network.


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