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How to Manually Update Norton Antivirus


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Norton Antivirus is one of the most widely installed computer security products on the market. If you have Norton installed on your computer, it can be manually updated by using the Live Update feature of the program or by manually downloading updated computer virus definitions from the Symantec website. Some Norton users find the need to manually update the software definitions due to the automatic update feature not working. Other users turn off the automatic update feature, so they can be aware of when the software program is being updated from the Symantec website.

Manually Update Norton with Live Update

  • Double-click the Norton Antivirus icon in the system tray of your computer’s desktop.
  • Select the “Run Live Update” menu option on the Norton control panel.
  • View the results of Norton Live Update downloading and installing new application updates and anti-virus definitions on your computer’s installation of Norton Antivirus. The results will be displayed in the subsequent dialog box displayed on your computer’s desktop after you complete Step 2. This window will provide the explicit information on what anti-virus definition and software updates are being installed on your computer.
  • Select the “OK” menu button to complete manually updating Norton Antivirus.

Manually Update Norton from the Symantec Website

  • Open your computer’s Web browser and navigate to the Symantec update page.
  • Download the newest update for Norton Antivirus from the options provided on the Symantec anti-virus update page by selecting the hyperlink on the download page. Select the hyperlink for the Norton Antivirus program. You will also see options for Norton 360, and other Norton products that will not work with the Norton Antivirus application.
  • Double-click the update file downloaded to your computer and follow any default menu prompts that appear.
  • Restart your computer after the program updates are finished.
  • Open Norton Antivirus by double-clicking the program icon on your computer’s desktop, and the current updates will be reflected on the Norton control panel.

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