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How to Make Yahoo My Home Page on All Browsers


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The homepage in a Web browser is the website that instantly seems to be when you start a screen. Yahoo! is look for search engines that you can use to find information on the Online. You may enjoy this particular internet look for search engine and thus want to set it as your homepage. The actions for making Yahoo! your homepage are a little bit different based upon on whether your standard internet browser is Firefox or Internet explorer.

Internet Explorer

  • Click “Tools” at the top of an Internet explorer screen.
  • Choose “Internet Choices.” A new screen will start.
  • Select the “General” tab that is situated at the top of the “Internet Options” screen.
  • Enter “” into the “Home Page” written text box at the top of the question. Then, just click “Apply” and “OK”.


  • Click “Tools.” and pick “Options” in a Firefox window. A new screen will start.
  • Select the “Main” key at the top of this screen.
  • Enter “” into the “Home Page” written text box, the second written text box from the top of the question, and then just click “OK”.


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