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How to Make Classic Google My Home Page


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The Google search engine has the option to use either iGoogle or the classic Google Web page as a browser’s homepage. With cookies enabled, Google will always remember to display the correct version of the homepage you choose. If iGoogle is your current homepage and you wish to switch back to the classic homepage, Google provides an option to switch back whenever you please. Users can also set their browser options to display the Google homepage by default.

  • Open your Web browser and make sure you have cookies enabled.
  • Click “Tools” or “Preferences,” depending on your browser, and select the “Options.” Locate the “Privacy” or “Security” settings and ensure the option “Accept cookies” is selected or set to “Always.”
  • Navigate to your homepage by clicking the “Home” button. If the iGoogle homepage appears, click the “Classic Home” link in the top right corner of the Web page to switch back to your classic Google home page. If the iGoogle page does not appear, type in your browser’s address bar and make sure the classic Google page appears.
  • Click the “Tools” menu link, and then click “Internet Options.” On the main option page, look for the homepage entry and click “Use Current Page” to set the classic Google Web page as your homepage.


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