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How to Log In for a Windows Live Email Account


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Windows Live is a team of software and programs put together as a combined, generated by the Microsoft Organization. Such as messengers, e-mail programs and many other resources, Windows Live’s online products make browsing the web an easy and hassle-free procedure once you receive a Windows Live ID. Deciding upon up for a Windows Live ID makes installing your email account and other programs a quick procedure.

  • Open your online web browser and go to the Windows Live home-page and identify the “sign up” option. On the other hand, you can avoid all of this by writing “" straight into your web browser’s address bar. The web browser should instantly fill the Windows Live ID indication up page.
  • Locate and simply just click the part of the type, near the top, where it says “Get a Windows Live e-mail address.” This should be seen straight below the area where it says to complete your own current e-mail address. The type will instantly change to allow you to develop a new current e-mail address for Windows Live.
  • Create a Windows Live ID of your choice and come in into the area before the @ icon on the type. A login name for Windows Live can contain figures and figures.
  • Choose an email server by simply clicking the drop-down selection situated straight after the @ icon on the type. You can select either Gmail or as your email server and address tag.
  • Click on the “check availability” key situated below where you completed your preferred Windows Live ID to see if the name is available. If the name has already been taken, come up with a new one or a little bit different one, and do it again the verifying procedure until your Windows Live ID is available.
  • Choose a safe and protected security password containing a at least six figures. A powerful security password contains both higher and lowercase figures with figures throughout.
  • Follow the actions to complete the rest of the type by offering your name, area of property and beginning time frame.
  • Fill in the captcha rule to approve that you are registering for the email account, and then just click “I agree with the fact.” The register procedure is complete, and you are now able to make the most of all of the services Windows Live has to offer, as well as a no cost email account.
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