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Lexmark Printer Not Printing


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If your Lexmark printer won’t progress print jobs, you may be detecting one of the several problems. If your computer’s print spooler service is not working perfectly or not started, your Lexmark print is not able to receive print jobs. The printer may use power cycled to clear out the print job information or paper may be jammed within the printer.

lexmark technical support phone number

Lexmark technical support phone number


Click “Start” and “Control Panel.”


Type “Computer Management” in the Control Panel search box. Double-click the icon that comes.


Click “Services.” Click “Print Spooler.” Click “Restart” to restart your spooler service. Send your print job repeatedly to see if this fixed the issue.


Unplug your Lexmark printer and disconnect the interface cable. Open the Lexmark printer to assure no paper is caught within the machine. Leave the printer powered down for at least 30 seconds before reconnecting it. Send a print job to the Lexmark to see if the issue is fixed.


Uninstall and then reinstall the drivers that reached with the printer.


Check Lexmark’s site for modernized drivers for your exact printer. If the drivers that arrived with your printer are older your printer may not work accurately.

If you are facing any kind of issues call Lexmark printer tech support number +1-800-293-9401

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