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Lexmark Printer Black Ink Not Working


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There are a number of reasons why people find that, despite their being good deal of ink in their cartridges, the nozzles have dried up and fail to print perfectly.

  1. The most familiar cause for this is uncommon use. People who use their printers only infrequently will find that cartridges dry up instantly and can simply become clogged as a result. This can be diminished by printing more usually or running regular cleans and ink tests to assure the nozzles remain clean.
  2. A second common cause of the nozzle heads becoming dry and clogged is expiry dates. Many people are negligent that printer cartridges have expiry dates and utilizing them after this date can lead to issues with printing. To minimize this possibility always check expiry dates and only buy what you need to assure your cartridges don’t expire.
  3. Some people select to use refilled cartridges. If this is done incorrectly it can lead to air getting into the cartridge, drying up the ink and clogging nozzle heads. Be careful when refilling cartridges or assure this is professionally done.
  4. Always assure that your printer is kept in a room with a secure temperature as temperature can change the performance of your ink cartridges.

There are a few techniques to try if you find that your printer cartridge heads have become clogged.

  1. Run your print-head cleaning function on your printer. This choice may be available through your computer or as a function on the printer itself. Your user manual will give you advice if you are unclear how to do this.
  2. If your cartridge continues to be blocked then you will need to remove the cartridge from the printer. Part the cartridge in a bowl of warm water (Stinkyink recommends this is done in a bowl and not the bath or a dip to reduce the risk of staining) so that the printer head is busy. For serious blockages you might need to soak a cotton bud in the warm water and rub it across the field of the cartridge where the ink comes out. Remove when ink starts the flow into the water. Clean the nozzles dry with a paper towel or lint free cloth and replace into the printer. Repeat step 1. If you do want to repeat this more than twice we recommend that you buy a new cartridge as it is likely to be unfixable.
  3. If you find yourself repeating these guidelines on a regular basis printer cartridge cleaning kits are available to suit various models and makes.

If you are facing any kind of issues call Lexmark printer troubleshooting number +1-800-293-9401

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