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How to Install Quicken Software on a Flash Drive


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Quicken is a financial program that allows you to track all of your purchases, investments and even tax data. When installing the program you are asked to choose a location on the computer in which you want to store the software. Typically someplace on your hard drive is chosen, but you do have the option to install the program on an external device, such as an external hard drive or flash drive. This is helpful if you are trying to save room on the hard drive, but you are not able to use the program on multiple computers when installing this way as there are import files inserted into the registry of the computer that do not travel with you on the flash drive.

  • Insert the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports on the computer.
  • Insert the Quicken software installation CD into the disc drive of the computer and wait for the installation wizard to load onto the screen.
  • Click “Next” on the welcome page then accept the end user agreement.
  • Choose “Browse” when asked for an installation location and choose the USB flash drive. Click “OK” then “Next” when shown the installation name.
  • Select “Install” and the Quicken software is installed onto the USB flash drive.

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