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How to Install QuickBooks Pro on a Server for Multiple Use


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If more than one employee at your business needs access to the QuickBooks Pro file, but you only have one user license or only one computer where the software is installed, you must install QuickBooks on a main server so multiple users can access it. Keep in mind that with each user comes another license fee, and the licenses must be paid for in advance of the installation. Packages provide a standard one-, three- or five-user license, but if you order directly from QuickBooks maker Intuit, it can usually customize a package for you.

  • Purchase the appropriate number of licenses. If you have a small office and need more than one user on QuickBooks at the same time, you will need a user license for each person. If you have six employees and only four actually use QuickBooks, as long as they don’t all use QuickBooks at the same time you can save money by purchasing three licenses instead of the package of five.
  • Use a server computer with a Windows operating system. QuickBooks 2008 and 2009 are both Vista-compatible, but using Windows XP or Windows 7 can avoid the many negative issues associated with Vista. Make sure each computer has the latest update for whichever operating system you have installed.
  • Connect the slave computers to the server using hard-wire connectors. While it is possible to run wirelessly, the sheer size of transactions and data in QuickBooks can cause problems for a wireless system.
  • Install the QuickBooks software on the server first. Since the server does not count as a user, with a three-user license you can still install the program on three computers in addition to the server. Go to the “File” button on the top menu bar and click, then scroll down to “Utilities” and click on “Host Multi-User Access.”
  • Use the network wizard to set up an Active Directory Group for QuickBooks Access. Add each authorized user to the group and give her access to that folder. Share the QuickBooks file by clicking the “File” tab on the upper icon menu bar, choosing the “Utilities” option, clicking the “Host Multi-User Access” button and selecting “Yes.” Shut down QuickBooks on the server.
  • Install QuickBooks on each of the networked computers. Let the installation wizard run, and when you see the portion of the installation that asks if a network is to be run from this computer, choose “No.” The network will be run from the server only. Complete the installation and then register each computer when the installation process is complete.


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