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How to Install a Printer on a D-Link DIR-655


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The D-Link DIR-655 wireless router uses wireless-N technology to create a system for your house. The router features support for various USB gadgets, such as a storage drive, scanner or printer, so you can share the device with any PC on your system. Install your printer to the D-Link DIR-655 so you can create from any PC in your house without having to fumble with connection wires.

  • Plug the USB wire into the USB slot on the back of the printer.
  • Insert the other end of the wire into the USB slot on the back of the D-Link router.
  • Insert the SharePort software CD into the disk generate on your PC. Just click “Next” in the installer window seems. Just click “Next” in the location directory, and then click “Next” in the application name field. Just click “Start” to install the SharePort application to your PC. Just click “Finish.”
  • Click the Windows orb and then click “All Programs.” Simply select the “SharePort” admission to open the program’s interface. The printer seems to be in the list of connected devices.

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