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How to Install a Plug-in for Chrome


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Google Chrome allows you to build the browser up with the availability of plug-ins, apps, extensions and themes. Plug-ins assists Chrome in playing specific types of content, including Flash animation, and can be selectively installed when needed. Apps are essentially shortcut links added to the browser, which direct you to a separate website to access the app. Extensions, on the other hand, are integrated into the Chrome browser to extend its capabilities. Themes simply alter the look of the browser. Apps, extensions and themes are freely available, and can be installed directly from the Chrome Web Store.

Google chrome

Google chrome

Apps, Extensions and Themes

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click the top right wrench icon, point to “Tools” and select “Extensions.”
  • Click “Get More Extensions” to visit the Chrome Web Store. If you currently have no extensions installed, click “Browse the Gallery.”
  • Browse through Google’s list of apps, extensions and themes.
  • Click the add-on you are interested in. This transfers you to the add-on’s information page.
  • Click “Add to Chrome” to automatically install the add-on. Some plug-ins may require you to restart your browser before it takes effect.


  • Visit a site that requires a plug-in. You will see a prompt at the top of the window instructing you to install the plug-in.
  • Click “Install Plug-in” in the message bar.
  • Click “Save” from the bottom download bar if the plug-in requires set-up files be downloaded first. Not all plug-ins require this step.
  • Restart Chrome to complete installation.


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