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How to Install a New USB Port on a Laptop


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Universal Serial Bus (USB) provides a communication link between computer peripherals or data storage units. Sometimes the number of USB ports is limited on laptops because of their compact size. The USB port has been adapted for cell phones, speakers, web-cams, printers, flash drives, blue-tooth adapters, fingerprint readers and smart card readers. There are several options available for adding a USB port to your laptop if you have run out. Choose one that suites your needs best.




  • Choose a USB hub that provides the right amount of USB ports you need. It is wise to buy one that is slightly larger than your current needs to accommodate for future peripherals.
  • Plug the hub’s USB wire into an existing USB port in the laptop. Some hubs require you to plug a power wire into a outlet to provide electricity for the hub.
  • Plug each of the USB peripherals into the hub’s ports. The laptop’s operating system will automatically identify the devices.


  • Locate the PCMCIA slot in the side of the laptop. This is a wide/narrow slot that accepts a credit card sized device. It will have a button on the side to assist in ejecting the card.
  • Push the PCMCIA USB adapter into this slot until it locks in place.
  • Install the software that came with the card to assist the operating system in using it.

Laptop Docking Station

  • Position the laptop docking station on your desk in the spot the laptop normally resides.
  • Plug the power adapter for the docking station into an outlet.
  • Position the laptop over the docking station so that the connections on the rear/bottom of the laptop align with the docking stations connection.
  • Push the laptop down gently until the two lock together. Open the laptop and start the operating system. The docking station has several additional USB ports that can be used seamlessly.


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