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How to Install Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007


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Whether you are installing multiple copies of the Enterprise Edition of Microsoft Office 2007 on computers at your workplace or are installing a copy on your home computer that you purchased through your employer, knowing what to expect during the installation can help you avoid potential problems. Installing Office 2007 Enterprise Edition is a relatively straightforward process, with the installer designed to be quite user-friendly. The entire installation process should take between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the operating system that you use and the hardware stats of the computer that you’re installing the software onto.

  • Insert the Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition installation disc into the computer’s CD or DVD drive. The computer should load the installation software immediately via the Auto Run feature; if it doesn’t, click the “Start” button and select the “Run…” option. Browse for the file “Setup.exe” on the installation CD, select it, then run it from the “Run…” option box.
  • Enter your Enterprise Edition license key when prompted to “Enter your Product Key” by the installation program. The license key is a unique identifying code comprised of 25 letters and numbers; it should be printed on the envelope that the Office 2007 installation disc came in or provided by your employer.
  • Read and accept the Microsoft Software License Terms when they are presented. You will have to accept the terms before you will be able to finish installing the Office 2007 software; if you do not wish to accept the terms, abort the installation of your software.
  • Choose the installation type that you want (“Upgrade” or “Customize”) if given the option. This option will appear if you have a previous version of Microsoft Office (such as Microsoft Office 2003 or a different edition of Microsoft Office 2007) already installed on your computer. “Upgrade” will remove your old installation as it installs Office 2007 Enterprise Edition, while “Customize” will give you the chance to select the components that you wish to install as well as letting you choose to keep previous Office installations that are on your computer.
  • Wait while the Microsoft Office installer finishes the installation process. This may take up to 30 minutes, depending on your computer and any other processes that may be running while the installer is working. A message informing you that installation has completed will appear once the installer has finished.
  • Launch one of the programs installed by the Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition installer. When prompted to activate your software, choose either to connect automatically to Microsoft’s server to complete the activation or to use an automated telephone system to activate. Though you can choose not to activate at this time, the activation process must be completed within 30 days in order to continue using the Office 2007 software suite.

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