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How to Install McAfee Security


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McAfee internet Security is a program promoted to those who want protection from all of the most common risks online in a single package. The item contains protection from viruses and malicious software, a software firewall, email protection and several other functions. As of 2010, McAfee internet Security costs $44.99 for a one-year registration and is available both as an obtain and as a physical item. Install McAfee internet Security if you have decided that it is the security system that best fits your needs.

  • Insert the McAfee internet Security CD or double-click the system file downloadable from the McAfee website.
  • Examine the end user certificate contract for McAfee internet Security. Simply choose the “Accept” key if you agree to the terms.
  • Select the “Complete” stereo key to install all functions of McAfee internet Security or the “Custom” stereo key to only install some functions. Unless you have a specific reason to remove certain functions, choose “Complete.” Just click “Next.” McAfee internet Security tests the On the internet to see if modified editions of any information are available, then operates a basic scan of your personal computer to see if it is contaminated with a virus.
  • Remove the analyze from the first box shown if you do not want McAfee internet Security to create a quick way symbol on the desktop computer and eliminate the analyze from the second box if you do not want to send unknown utilization research to McAfee. If you do not want to make any changes, click “Next.”
  • Click “Next” when the installation is finish. The item activation screen for McAfee internet Security appears.
  • Enter your 25-character item key for McAfee internet Security. The item key is printed above a bar program code included with the application CD or, if you are on the web, it is shown on the “My Account” page at Just click “Next.” McAfee internet Security is set up and the application starts a full analyze out of your personal computer. When the analyze out is finish, your personal computer remains safe and secure.

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