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How to Install a Lexmark 2500 Series InkJet Printer Driver


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The Lexmark 2500 Inkjet printer series consists of several all-in-one models with varying printing output speeds and resolutions. Users can print, copy, fax and scan with this device. If you need to install a Lexmark 2500 series printer but don’t have the disk, Lexmark provides a driver download on its website. After installing the driver, the computer recognizes the printer and allows you to operate all features of this unit. The Lexmark 2500 series driver works with all models in the series: Lexmark X2500, Lexmark X2510, Lexmark X2530, Lexmark X2550 and Lexmark X2580.



  • Connect the Lexmark 2500 series printer to a power source. Plug the printer’s USB cable into the computer. Turn on the printer by pressing the circular button on the printer’s control panel.
  • Open an Internet browser and go to the Lexmark website.
  • Mouse over the “Downloads” button on the toolbar. Click on “Driver Finder.”
  • Type “2500 inkjet driver” in the search text box. Press the “Ask” button.
  • Chose the correct driver for the computer’s operating system from the list of results by clicking on the file name link.
  • Press the “Download Now” link. The driver file is 15.57 MB in size. Download times vary depending on the Internet connection speed.
  • Click on the “Save File” button when the pop-up window appears. Click on “Run” to begin installing the driver after it finishes downloading.
  • Follow the prompts to finish installing the driver. After completing installation, the driver requires you to restart the computer. After rebooting, the Lexmark 2500 series printer is ready for use.


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