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How to Install an HP Printer Driver


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HP printer drivers are easy to install, as they can be retrieved from HP’s Support Site. The HP Support and Drivers site houses printer software drivers for all HP models. These software drivers are made specifically for all compatible operating systems. Some HP printer drivers can actually be installed through its USB connection port, by simply connecting the printer to the computer. But regardless of the printer you have, driver installation is not difficult and takes only a few minutes.

HP Scanner

HP Scanner

Access the HP Support and Drivers website

  • Type the printer’s name and model number in the blank data form that will be presented on the Support and Drivers homepage.
  • Click the double arrow search button to the right of the search bar data form. A list of search results will appear when the browser redirects.
  • Select the HP printer link that is compatible to the printer name and model number you provided. You will be directed to the printer’s support and driver’s page.
  • Select “Software Drivers and Downloads” on the printer’s homepage, and click the name of the computer’s operating system to ensure you retrieve the correct driver.
  • Double-click the generated software driver link that will be displayed for the operating system you specified. A pop-up download window will appear.
  • Select the “Save” action to store the software driver setup application to your hard drive.
  • Open and run the setup application to access the HP installation wizard and start the setup process.
  • Read, review, and agree to the EULA disclosure to access the setup application. Click “Next” to select a file folder location for the HP printer’s components and functional folders.
  • Select the default folder location that will be provided by the operating system and HP installation wizard, and click “Next” to begin the driver installation. This process may take a couple of minutes, depending on your operating system, RAM and system processor.
  • Connect the HP printer’s USB or parallel cable to the computer when the installation wizard prompts for the physical connection. Once the printer is detected, the installed software drivers will be associated with the printer to establish its physical network with the computer.


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