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How to Install an HP F380 Printer


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The HP DeskJet F380 All-in-One printer’s installation process is quite traditional. It requires the use of an HP installation disc designed specifically for the HP DeskJet F380 printer. The disc consist of an executable file for the HP DeskJet F380, which serves as a set-up component to begin the installation process, and copy the printer’s drivers and components to your computer. Once the drivers are installed properly, the HP DeskJet F380 will be accessible on the computer, so actions and print jobs can be sent to the computer.

HP Printer

HP Printer

  • Go to the HP DeskJet F380’s product overview page to obtain the printer’s software drivers to conduct the installation.
  • Click the drop-down bar below the Operating System section, and click the name of your computer’s system to retrieve your HP DeskJet F380 drivers. (See Warnings if, for any reason, your operating system is unavailable.)
  • Download the HP DeskJet F380’s software driver from the “Driver (1)” link that will be available at the bottom overview page. The Driver (1) link will enable you to install the HP F380 with its software drivers.
  • Opt to save and open the HP DeskJet F380’s software driver download to access the HP installation wizard. The software driver download will open the HP DeskJet F380’s set-up application, so you can begin the installation.
  • Run the HP DeskJet F380’s set-up application file to conduct and complete the printer’s installation to your computer.


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