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How to Install a Dell Wireless Configuration Utility


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Dell’s wireless configuration utility is used to configure wireless adapters and help your device connect to a wireless network. Dell offers this wireless configuration utility bundled with the drivers for wireless cards installed on their laptops and desktops. Installing the wireless configuration utility takes five minutes.

  • Open your Internet browser and navigate to Dell’s Support Site. Choose to enter the Home Users support area. Select your computer’s model using your service tag on the bottom of your Dell or going through the individual product lines.
  • Click the “Download” button to download the wireless network driver for your computer. If you right-click and choose “Save As” or “Save Link As” you can specify the exact download spot. Put the driver file in an easy to find location such as “My Computer.”
  • Double click the file you downloaded. Click “Run” if Windows wants you to confirm that this is a legitimate program installation.
  • Choose “Continue.” Change the location the files will extract to if you would like them anywhere other than the default location. Click “OK.” Click “Yes” if the installation wizard asks to create the location. Click “OK.”
  • Continue clicking “Next” until the installation completes. The Wireless Configuration Utility should now be listed in your programs list under “Dell.”


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