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How to Install a Canon Printer in Mac Classic


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Mac Classic is any version of Mac that came before Mac OS X, but it usually refers to Mac OS 9 and Mac OS 8 since they were the most recent operating systems before OS X came along. While all Mac OS X computers have printer drivers installed on them, most Mac Classic computers do not. To install a Canon printer on Mac Classic, it must be compatible with Mac OS 9 or lower and have an install CD.


Canon Printer

  • Put the Canon printer install CD into your Mac and click the icon. Click on the “Install.pkg” to install the printer drivers on your Mac. Click “Continue” and then “Install.”
  • Plug your Canon printer into an outlet and connect it to the Mac via the printer port or USB port. Turn the printer on.
  • Eject the disk from your Mac and open the “Chooser” in the Apple menu.
  • Choose the Canon printer’s icon from the list and click on “Select a port.”
  • Select the printer icon and click “Close.” A new window will open prompting you to set up the printer.
  • Align your Canon printer following the directions on your screen and click “Close” when it is finished.


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