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Install Bluetooth Drivers in ASUS K401J laptop


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How to install Bluetooth drivers in ASUS K40IJ laptop?

ASUS K401J laptop runs with Intel Dual Core T4200 processor, which runs in 2 GHz speed. It is available with 14-inch HD LED backlight ColorShine display with a resolution of 1366 × 768. It uses 2 GB of RAM. Its SATA hard disk has minimum 320 GB storage capacity. Before installing the Bluetooth driver, you must check its compatibility with your current laptop settings. If your laptop contains antivirus software, it would help you to avoid the virus attacks. Ensure that there is proper power supply so as not to break the installation process. Also, keep your laptop’s battery with full charge. You should not use virus-infected installation CD for installing Bluetooth driver. Before starting the installation process you must scan the CD. This would detect any virus or malicious software present there.

Some tips to install Bluetooth driver in your ASUS K401J laptop are:

Installation CD

‘Device Manager’

Software manufacturer’s website

Installation CD

The software manufacturers release installation CDs for Bluetooth enabled devices. Before purchasing the installation CD, you need to check its system requirements and supported Operating system etc. After inserting the installation CD, you need to open ‘My Computer’ window and double click on the ‘CD drive’. It would display all files and folders, which are contained in the installation CD. You must select the set-up file for the Bluetooth driver and start the installation process. After the installation process, you need to restart your laptop.

‘Device Manager’

You could use the ‘Device Manager’ to install the Bluetooth driver. In order to open the ‘Device Manager’, you need to right click on the ‘My Computer’ icon in the desktop and select the ‘Manage’ option. It would display the option for ‘Device Manager’. After opening the ‘Device Manager’ window you need to select the ‘Bluetooth’ device connected to your laptop. By right clicking on that device, you could see the option for the installation. By specifying the path of the set-up file for the device you could easily install the Bluetooth driver.

Software manufacturer’s website

Software manufacturers produce many driver software for the same Bluetooth device and publish them on the Internet. By specifying the device name with its model name, you could download the latest and compatible driver software. It also publishes updates for the same driver software. Updates are very beneficial for your laptop. After downloading the driver software, you could see the option for installation. Thereby you could install Bluetooth driver from Internet.


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