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How to Install the AT&T Internet Security Suite Powered by McAfee


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Browsing the Internet is useful for both work and entertainment, but unfortunately, it isn’t always safe. AT&T’s “Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee” is available for free to customers who subscribe to a high-speed Internet plan. The Security Suite scans your emails for malicious attachments and guards you when you visit websites. Before you are able to take advantage of this protection, you must first install the Security Suite.

  • Open an Internet browser, and go to the “” web address. Type in your email address and password, then click “Sign in.”
  • Click on “Download” in the “AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee” box. Click on “Install in English” in the window.
  • Click “I Agree” after you have read the McAfee End User License Agreement. The Download Manager window opens.
  • Write down the serial number that you are given. Click on “Download,” then click “Run” twice. Click “Continue” if prompted to do so.
  • Click “Next” if you want to install all McAfee features. Click “Customize” to select the features you want to install.
  • Click “Continue” to remove incompatible products from the computer. Incompatible products are, for example, other antivirus scanners and software. If you use them, this tool may not work correctly.
  • Click “Restart.” Upon reboot, click “Continue.” Click the checkbox if you want to place a McAfee icon on your desktop. Click “Next.”
  • Wait for all of the components to install on the computer, then click “Finish.” Restart the computer.

If you are facing any kind of issues call us on our toll-free number 1-800-293-9401.

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