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How to Use Text Recovery Converter in Office 2007


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The test recovery converter in Microsoft Office 2007 allows users to access information that would have otherwise been lost as a result of an accidental deletion or a damaged file. While using the text recovery converter may sound like a difficult task, it is actually quite simple with the help of proper instructions. Using the text recovery converter is a simple process that should not take more than five minutes.

Open up your Microsoft Word program and allow the program to fully load. Click on the “Microsoft Office” button and select the option marked “Word Options.” On the next page, select the tab marked “Advanced.”

Scroll down the screen until you reach the “General” section and select the option marked “Confirm file format conversion on open” followed by the “OK” button. Click on the “Microsoft Office” button once again and select the “Open” option.

Select the option marked “Recover text from any file” in the box next to the button marked “Files of type.” Select the file that you wish to recover text from and select “OK.” The program will recover the text and will allow you to use it and save it in a valid Word document.


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