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How to Use QuickBooks to Input Data


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QuickBooks is a computerized bookkeeping program that allows any type or size of business to keep its own records. It’s simple to set up and use. Anyone within the company can input data into the program and reports needed for tax purposes can be created in seconds.

  • Open the checking account register file. The easiest way to record a handwritten check within QuickBooks is by using the account register. When you open the file, the screen looks like a regular bank account register.
  • Input your data. The data you want to enter is the date of the check, payee information, the expense account you are debiting and the amount, as well as any notes you want to record. First enter the date. The check number may automatically enter. If so, verify it’s the correct number.
  • Enter the payee information. The payee is the person to whom the check is made. As you type in the name, QuickBooks will ask if you want to remember the name. If so, you can enter the name and address of this payee when QuickBooks prompts you. The next time you enter the name, QuickBooks will autocomplete it.
  • Choose the expense account information. Remember that in QuickBooks, every expense has an account, whether it’s postage or office supplies. You can also think of this as a category.
  • Type in the amount the check was written for in dollars and cents. You shouldn’t have to use a dollar sign.
  • Save the information. Press “Enter,” and your information will be saved. You should hear a “blip” sound and the cursor should move to the next empty line within the register.
  • Input a deposit. A deposit is made in a similar way. Enter the date and choose “Deposit” as the “Type.” Leave the check number blank and type “Deposit” as the payee. Under account–think category–enter the income account this income is coming from. You can even have split categories if you get your total income from more than one source. Enter the amount of the deposit under the correct column, then press “Enter.” Once you hear the “blip” sound, you are finished.


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