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How to Update Dell Drivers


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Dell computer is a popular manufacturer of desktop and laptop computers that run on Windows operating systems. Many of the devices installed in a computer require special software components called drivers to function properly. Dell computers will come shipped with basic driver software, but driver updates may become available for the devices installed in your Dell computer over time. Installing driver updates can potentially improve hardware performance and device compatibility.

  • Go to Dell’s driver support website.
  • Click “Enter a Tag” under “Choose by Service Tag.”
  • Locate your computer’s service tag number. For desktops, the number should be on a label on the front, side or back of your computer tower. For laptops the label will be on the bottom of the computer. If you have difficulty finding the number click “How do I find my service tag?” for more information.
  • Enter the service tag number in the text field provided and click “Go.”
  • Scroll down to the list of drivers available for your computer, click the “Download” button next to any driver update that you want to install and save the driver to your computer.
  • Run the driver install file after the download is complete and follow the instructions of the installation wizard; restart your computer when the install process is complete.


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