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How to Troubleshoot Okidata Printers


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OKI Data have been making business-oriented printers under the OKI brand since 1972. Most problems with Okidata printers are related to either document jams, or to print quality issues. The printers have front panel LED (light emitting diode) warning lights that can advise on issues like wrongly-installed print cartridges and low toner. Problems with Okidata printers can be fixed with some troubleshooting steps.

  • Check the error indicating LED light. The error LED is the bottom-most LED on the Okidata B2200 printer, but may be in a different place on your printer. It should be marked. The LED flashing at one second intervals indicates a paper jam, an incorrectly installed printer cartridge, the wrong toner cartridge or low toner.
  • Take a look at the printer and look for paper jams. They should be pretty obvious because you’ll see paper sticking out somewhere. Open the top cover and carefully remove the print cartridge–the combination drum and toner pack. Be careful it may be hot. Pull the paper sheet out in the direction of the paper path. Re-install the cartridge.
  • Try latching the top cover down if the LED is flashing and there’s no paper jam. The cartridge may be installed incorrectly, or be the wrong one. The cover is impossible to latch if the cartridge isn’t seated properly. Open the cover and reseat the cartridge. If you can’t reseat it, check you’re using the right cartridge.
  • Take a look at the print quality if the LED comes on and there’s no jam and the cartridge is seated properly. The toner may be low. Replace the toner. If you’ve just installed a new toner, move the colored toner lever inside the printer to a different position to see if the toner lever might be incorrectly positioned.


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