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How to Troubleshoot Office 2007 Professional That Configures Every Time You Open a Program


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Some Windows users report receiving the error message “Please Wait While Windows Configures Microsoft Office” every time they open a Microsoft Office 2007 program such as Word or Excel. Normally the installer and configuration wizard should only launch the very first time you open the Office Professional suite. Sometimes, software requires administrator permissions to save the complete installation to the computer’s registry. If the software cannot save these changes, the configuration wizard will constantly re-appear.

Run as Administrator

Locate one of the Microsoft Office Professional 2007 shortcuts on your desktop. If you don’t have shortcuts, double-click the “File Explorer” icon at the bottom of the Windows desktop. Click the “Computer” icon, select and then type “Program Files,” then “Microsoft Office.” Type “winword.exe” in the Search field — this is Word’s file name. Wait several seconds for the WinWord application to appear.

Right-click the file or shortcut and select “Run as Administrator” from the drop-down menu. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation of Microsoft Office.

Close the Office program and try to re-open it. If the configuration wizard does not appear, you fixed the problem.

Restore Missing Office 2000 Files

Launch an Office Professional 2007 program such as Outlook or Word.

Complete the entire configuration process once. If you upgraded from Microsoft Office 2000 and then uninstalled Office 2000, the process may have deleted some shared components. This could cause the configuration process to re-start every time you launch a program.

Close the Office program and attempt to re-open it. If the configuration wizard does not appear, this resolved the problem.

Try a Different Shortcut

Launch each Microsoft Office program you use by double-clicking a document, or locating the executable file in File Explorer. Do not use your normal shortcut. If the configuration wizard doesn’t start, the problem was with your shortcuts. Close the Office program.

Right-click each of your Microsoft Office desktop shortcuts and select “Delete” for each one.

Launch each of your Microsoft Office programs. While it is open, right-click the shortcut in the task bar and select “Pin to Taskbar.” These shortcuts should now work without issues.


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