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How to Troubleshoot Error Code 5100 on a Canon MX700


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The Canon Pixma MX700 multifunction printer includes an LCD display that shows different error codes at whatever hardware or software issue happens. Every error code is attached to a particular kind of issue to make the troubleshooting procedure simpler. Error code 5100 describes a physical issue either with a paper jam or an inaccurately seated ink tank. Resolving the Error is a speedy procedure that only requires a couple of standard troubleshooting methods.


  • Press down and hold the “On/Off” Button, which is located on the printer’s operator panel, for one moment. Hold up 15 seconds and after that tap the button once more. Attempt to print or scan a document.
  • Check the paper feed tray toward the front of the Canon MX700 to check whether there is any paper visible stuck inside the printer. Open the printer cover by gripping the front edge of the printer and lifting upwards.
  • Get the edge of the jammed paper and gently pull towards you to remove the paper from the paper feeder. Unplug the Canon’s power cable and USB cable, and after that turn the printer around.
  • Pull off the back plastic cover tab and check if there is any visible paper jam. Get the edge of the paper and gently pull toward you until the paper is removed.
  • Push the back plastic cover tab once again into the right place, and reconnect the power cable and USB cable. Attempt to print or scan another document to see whether the error is resolved.
  • Lift open the printer’s cover again and wait for the ink carriage to slide into view. Press the “Push” button on the front of the first ink tank. Pull the tank out and after that push it once again into the right place to ensure it is properly situated.
  • Repeat the procedure with the other three ink tanks, and after that nearby the printer’s cover. Power the printer off and after that back on once more.

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